Cradle Chair: $8400 USD + shipping.
These are handmade units made in New Zealand.
Next run will be January 2014.
To reserve a unit and make an order please email here: 

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Cloud: $960 USD + shipping.
These are limited edition made-to-order units.
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U Stool: $1200 USD + shipping.
Custom Rope Colors Available.
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Hypermodular Table: $950 USD + shipping.
Made in New Zealand.
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Spoon: $38 USD + shipping.
Available in blue, black or white ceramic.
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Floral Headphones: $110 USD + shipping.
Also Available in custom Fabrics.
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Wooden iPhone 5 Repair Panels $12 USD + shipping
Available in four finishes: Neutral, Cherry, Golden Oak & Red Oak.
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